At Least Three Natural Erectile Dysfunction Permanent Cure Remedies

erectile dysfunction permanent cure

You no longer need to look down. Time to perk up, if you pardon the phrase. Because if you are one of the millions of men from around the world who are faced with this perennial and highly common problem, you must just know that in a matter of minutes you will be able to start preparing yourself to hit the proverbial sweet spot.

Well, if you can find it that is, but, hey, even that you can learn. The good news for all those of you who are still trying to find your limp peckers from under your bulging folds is that there are so many natural erectile dysfunction permanent cure remedies out there for you. We are also starting to get aroused, so we have just about enough steam to tell you about at least three of those remedies.

These remedies have been around with you all this time. But some may surprise you. You will not have known this before perhaps. Walking is one common easy remedy for your current erectile dysfunction. And so is drinking. Not drinking like you’ve been used to doing, drinking lots of water. Not just eight glasses of water a day, but twelve glasses. It is said to be a really cool remedy to, well, keep your genitals cool and fresh.

But drinking watermelon juice as an effective natural remedy for getting rid of erectile dysfunction for once and for all, now that’s a new one. And there’s acupuncture. Who would have thought? It’s an ancient eastern medical practice that’s been around for thousands of years. Most of us wouldn’t have given it much of a thought because we’ve all become quite used to Western medicine and all its conventions and prescriptions.

And Viagra. You still need a prescription for this one blue pill that you need to get it up and hard for the time that you need to be a man for a while. But that’s just it. It’s only good for one show, and it’s no natural remedy, that much we can tell you. It’s also quite harmful. There are serious side effects. Think about this the next time you decide to overindulge at the bar.

But maybe not. Let’s rather not go there. Let’s go for a nice walk in the park this time. Take Fido with if you have him. Or take your girl with. Hold her hand and tell her how much you care and that this time you’re really serious about getting your act together for her. Which is why you’re taking her on this fine walk. And drinking water instead of booze.

You’ll still be heading off to the bar. Only this time you’re going to be stopping by the juice bar. When you get there, do ask the waitron if she’s got some watermelon juice standing by. Whisper in her ear that it’s not for you it’s, er, for him. Down there, you know.